Project Works

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1. Assessment of Common Facility Centers (18th August 2017-20th September 2017):
We have assessed 36 numbers of CFCs as a contract made between MEDEP APSO Ghorahi and SDC Engineering Service Pvt. Ltd. Kathamndu, Nepal on 18th August 2017 for the Visual Assessment of CFCs under MEDEP APSO Ghorahi (Dang, Banke, Salyan and Rukum district). It includes field visit of all CFCs, engineering survey (its structural condition and final report of assessment and other detail (location, comments and suggestion) of CFCs assessment.


After the massive earthquake in May 2015 and its aftershocks, many buildings of Nepal had an adverse effect. SDC Engineering Service Pvt. Ltd. jointly with Venkatesh Engineering Associates has conducted Non-Destructive Test with advanced equipment in various earthquake affected buildings in Kathmandu Valley and referred for a suitable solution.

3. Successfully completed different work while working with different individual clients like land survey for plotting, the design of the building and different civil engineering structure (survey/design).
4. We are continuously giving total station on hire @per day with negotiable price till this date.