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Nov - 01

Civil Engineering Tool

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 Non-Destructive Test

The purpose of our NDT field investigation is to access the strength Frame Structure as well as quality of concrete where possible.

The scope of our investigation included a site reconnaissance, a field investigation, engineering analysis, and the preparation of this report. The scope of field investigation, performed on May consisted of utilizing Rebar Tracker, Ultrasonic Pulse velocity and Schmidt Hammer test.


Non -destructive test (NDT) determine the following condition of a physical structure

  1. Compressive strength of concrete.
  2. Fast, accurate measurement of concrete cover.
  3. Quick clear indication of rebar location.
  4. Automatic measurement of bar size.
  5. Crack depth measurement.
  6. Measurement of homogeneity, density strength of concrete and information of possible goods like concrete, graphite, refectory bricks and masonry structures.
  7. Measurement of Young’s Modulus of concrete.
  8. Control of uniform concrete quality.
  9. Detention of weak spots in the concrete.



        ( Novatest ScHmidt  Hammer)


Instrument Detail:

Product : NOVATEST

Certificate n. – 15/00319

Test Hammer Model: CONCRETO N

Serial Number :1119714


As per Indian Standard IS 13311 (Part 2): 1992



As per Indian standard IS 13311 (Part 1): 1992

Instrument Detail:

Model: Novasonic

Serial N.: UT/NVS/0055

Ord. :V 100-ph1




Instrument Detail:










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