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Working Fields

1. Building u0026amp; Architecture (Government, Non-government, Public, Institutional and Private)
2. Road (Highway, Feeder Road, Rural District Road, Market Road)
3. Irrigation System
4. Hydro-power (Micro and mini hydro-power)
5. Water Supply u0026amp; Sanitary Engineering (Urban/ Rural /Industrial)
6. Urban Planning
7. Estimation and Tender Preparation
8. Survey (Topographic, River, Land Use, Traffic, Geological, Natural Resources), GIS Mapping u0026amp; Remote Sensing
9.  Bridges (Appurtenant Structures including RCC / Steel Truss / Suspension /suspended Bridges) u0026amp; Airport
10. Non Destructive Test (Done by all professional with modern equipment for assessment of structure )
11. Construction Supervision u0026amp; Management
12. Industrial Planning u0026amp; Engineering
13. Property Valuation (Bank valuation)
14. Soil u0026amp; Foundation Engineering
15. Retrofit of Building
16. Skill Development Training (Vocational Training)
17. Data acquisition, analysis, evaluation u0026amp; interpretation of all above activities by baseline, periodic plan, follow-up, end-lines, evaluation, assessments, master plans, business strategies, market and research related surveys.

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